Monday, October 2, 2017

Morning Coffee in the Hut 9-19-2017

For days, each morning I sat with my morning coffee and my journal. The activity really kept me busy for hours and hours. Here you can see all the pots of milkweed. I had to switch them out every so often. The cats were all eating so much. But I had MORE then plenty this year.

 At this point I had 2 crystals'  
in #1 cage and 2 chrysalis in another cage. (From indoors, now in the Hut. I did not want to mix ones from indoors with the ones for the garden). From the garden: 9 in chrysalis and 8 caterpillars. Total of 17, not counting the ones from indoors.
So you can see, things were a little busy.
Each day, I would do a 'head count'. Not all the time I came up with the same amount of cats. Drove me nuts. For a couple of days I guessed I had just missed counted. 
For safety due to some windy days, I added bricks to each end of the Hut.

Well I'll be darn! I had found my 'run away'. I was not miscounting after all! Silly cat. THIS was NOT the best please for him. To hide, yes but needed to be moved as soon as it was safe to do so. IF he enclosed there, his wings would not spread out and dry properly. Not good. I do let nature take its course but often I do help Mother Nature! So far 36 were released and headed towards Mexico.

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