Sunday, October 1, 2017

No more Monarch crysalis in the house...

               ...they are all moved to the outdoor hut.

Trying something new this year. Look at these fat cats! Now I have our dining room back in order and I know it will be easier to say goodbye after the last Monarch has flown away.

At one point I had 10 milkweed plants for the cats to munch on inside the hut. Again I am so thankful to have planted 15 extra milkweeds in pots. Those are the ones from seeds. Now, as you can see, things are starting to slow down.

I do take time out and have fun with my cycling friends! The 4 of us were part of over 1700 riders. We rode 30 miles, through 6 towns for this event. What a fun day. I'm at the end on your right. We are 'showing off' our match socks!  *smile* When I returned home later that day I had 6 monarchs waiting to be released.
One of my favorite pics. The caterpillars are so fun to watch. This guy, fell asleep while eating. Yes, in this position. Eating 2000 times it's weight in 2.5 weeks is hard work!
This is just too darn cute.


Margarets designer cards said...

Love the picture of the caterpillar asleep. How many butterflies have you raised this year?

Jane McLellan said...

Sounds like hard work, looking after all those hungry caterpillars. Worth it though.