Monday, April 13, 2015

My first tumble with 'Violet'....

From the pic it really isn't too bad. Just a nice road rash.
                           A couple of scrapes and a few bruises but its all good!

               But ice cream in the Bentonville Square with friends makes it all better!

                        Today's ride was a little over 11 miles. A beautiful day to be out~

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Always learning...

...and I hope I never stop. Here I am tatting the first yard of a 2 yard tatting project and I notice this! (where the safety pen is) In all the years I've tatted I've just 'un-tatted'. No biggie. But this?! Oh no...way to much work. So, I did what was a 'New To Me' thing and CUT the ring, tied off and completed the correct amount of, made a twisted join' and I did it! But not until I contacted my friend Elaine Gan! Bless her heart, she walked me through it. She confirmed what I needed to do and happy to say, its all good. Now to continue with the 2nd yard! *smile*

I am still enjoy my morning 5-6 mile walks each day. Here is Mr. Fox stopping to take a look us!

                                        Spring has sprung...Colors everywhere!

And with that being said, we have been working on our 'Mini Forest'. Lots of dead wood hauled off and leaves blown and mulched.

                                      This is my next day at a time.

Now I leave you with Miss Penelope. My 7th grandchild. Here she is on her first hike with her mom, her friend and kids. She enjoyed it so well, she slept all the way through it!
This was 'mom' walking the same trail on Christmas Day, 2014. Amazing!
                         Happy Easter Sunday to those of you that celebrate. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A great Sunday for a hike...

Devil's Den State Park is where we hiked last week-end. It was amazing. An hour and 20 minute drive. When we were almost there, it started raining. Oh, what the heck we'd try it anyway. Note to self: buy rain poncho's and keep in car.  No rain, just a wet walk.

                    Take note that we did not walk so much on the stones. Very slippery.

There is a cave below me to the left. No, didn't go down in it...but 3 kids were making their descent.

                           Here is my 'partner in crime'....trying NOT to get wet.  lol

Now this was different....


Indeed, there were stacked on top of each other....I even add a few myself.

Always an adventure....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yes...its Spring!

And when spring is wear flip flops! These are for Miss Penelope!
The crochet pattern may be found here:  flip flop sandals

Bitty Bow Baby Sandals is where you can find the crochet pattern for the one's above.

                            Saw him this morning on our morning walk, lovely Red Fox.
Beautiful Bradford Pear tree and my awesome walking group!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The beginning....

...of 2 yards of tatted lace. A friend of mine is making a christening gown for a friend and this will be added as edging.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Last Sunday was a nice day on the water...

   A beautiful day, even the turtle's were sunning themselves!

                  I never know what I might see along the way...


...but it's always inviting. I did paddle over 4 miles. First one for the year. *smile*

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring is in the air...

 ...and I needed to see if my kayak 'Rosie' would fit in the back of the SUV...and it did!
                                          Lovin' my new front plate!

Today is support to be a warm today, so I just might be able to get on the water. Last Tuesday was the local Kayaking Groups early paddle. I missed it due to the fact I was working on a quilt and just plain missed it. Official date is the first of April.

This week, I drove to Oklahoma to meet a friend halfway. Abby my Pacific Parrotlet returned home. She had been with a friend but found it time to return her to me. She is 8 years old and we are very happy to have her again!

Here is Zoe. Sleeping on the back of the couch. 'Keeper of the cage'. I think Abby likes her new spot. She sees the birds outdoors eating from the feeders and she eats too. Such a social girl!

I can't leave you until posting a very special pic. Here is Penelope's daddy bottle feeling her for the first time. Such love!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

By adding meal worms to their diets...


...I have a variety of birds near the window!
                              This is Northern Flicker. He's about 12.5 inches long.
This is Zoe. She enjoys the warmth and her balls....
...while Sophie loves the outdoors and snow! By time I took the pic most of the snow had melted or fallen on the floor. Silly girl. This may be the last snowfall. Temperatures should be up by this week-end. Time to hit the dusty tails either by bike or hike. I'm ready!


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

For a friend....

She wanted me to make a tatted Dragonfly hanging on a cord for a friend of hers.
The pattern is by: Kristen Schmidt. The center is in Lizbeth's Seagreen Dark in size 20 thread. Seed beads were also added. Fun to make after a bit of practice with split rings.

               Here is Miss Penelope Lee....Getting ready to go 'out' with Mom!  

We went to Branson Mo. last week. Just a day trip for lunch and shopping for walking shoes.  I found 4 pairs! Now remember, I walk on the average of about 30-35 miles a week when conditions allow and go through a pair of shoes every 3-4 months! 

This was a pleasant surprise. My husband got me a Himalayan Salt lamp . *smile*

It's 7 inches high and I've had it on ever since. A nice calming glow in the evenings...I'm thinking I may want more... 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Any ealy Christmas and before leaving for Nothhern Califonia....

  Meet Violet, my new bike and the same day I got
a Forester Subaru
Put them together and I'm off on a new adventure!
Always a wonderful day in the neighborhood ~

Saturday, February 28, 2015

If walls could talk...

 I have wanted to take a pic of this since last winter. Spring was here before I knew it and I could not see to take a pic when the trees were in bloom. Dh's was driving and I was ready. Good thing, I see that the porch roof is starting to cave sad.

There is a rocker on the balcony porch. I had to really look hard, but its still there.

                                      A great way to test out the new Subaru SUV.
                          Traffic was stopped. A car was being towed up the hillside...
                              I think I can, I think I can saidth the car at the top of the hill.