Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Still doesn't look like much...

I am walking 5.5 miles each morning for 5 weeks now and this is the view I see at the place I park. But I know soon things will change. After all, it is Spring! 

This is my view from the garage. We are the only one of two houses on our Lane and the last house on the cul-de-sac. Yesterday morning I opened the garage door to see a Deer and her fawn right in the middle of that little wooded area in front of you. What a delightful surprise!

Now I leave you with these little guys. 100% fat free and zero calories! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Who doesn't love Chocolate Bunnies!

One in Vanilla and the other in Fudge! Best thing ever is these are zero calories! But you know how bunnies to make more! lol 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy International Tatting Day!

                     Today I shall go to the library to tat. Some place nice and quite! *smile*

                                               A lovely piece I finished yesterday!
Lizbeth thread size 20 in the color of Scottish Thistle. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

It goes in the mail tomorrow!

Hanky bonnet in the color of Lizbeth's 'Pretty in Pink', the booties in 'Pink Medium', Both in size 20 thread.            Booties pattern by Mary Konior, 'Goodie Two Shoes'. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Another 'Pretty in Pink'...

I've finished the set, now all I have to do it 'put it together'. The pattern is Mary Konior's 'Goodie Two Shoes'. Thread is size 20 in the color of Pink Medium and Pink Parade.

Bradford Pear tree is starting to bud!

Things are turning green!
My 7 AM 5.5 mornings walk was a good one. NO WIND and what a difference that makes. Didn't even notice the mid 43 degree temperature. Today was a larger group. I think I counted 15. Here is what a saw on today's walk...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Walking in the early AM and loving it!

I started walking with the lady's in the area. Wow! I started out with the '3 mile group' but by the end of that week I decided I wanted to increase to the 5 mile group. Each day I have been posting on Facebook my progress but today I wanted to share with you as well. 

Walking: Week 3, day 3 (I think) Since DH has retired...everyday is Saturday! lol Walked my 5 miles in one hour and 16 minutes. I want to share something with you. I have said from the beginning there is nothing like walking with others. I have not had that...until now. So, I need to practice what I preach, right? I have found myself so driven...I just want to time for chit chat. Reminded myself of that character in Alice in Wonderland! I notice others slowing down, walking a bit with the '3 mile group'. Oh no, not me!!! I am on a mission. Well...I've decided to change that. And today I had that very opportunity. I notice this dear lady chatting with others...trying to keep up. So as I came toward her, I introduced myself and here was my 'change of heart'. I slowed down...way down. I gain so much respect for her during our short time together. Last year at this time she could not even walk. Had brain on and so forth. WOW. What an inspiration to me! We caught up with the others at the cal de sac and joined right in. She started chatting with someone else and away I went. To my surprise I walked my 5 miles about the same amount of time!!! Its all good...*smile* Here is a quick pic along the see, a rock yard!
                                    This hill is quite the challenge.
                        I do very well and going down is just as much as work-out! 

      What a view! One of 7 lakes in this lovely town. Can not wait to see what SPRING brings!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bluebird Update:

I am so exited. This little bird came a few days ago and went inside! Stayed for a long time...just enjoying the morning.

Now, as you can see, here is another little bird on the bird feeder. At first I thought it was a Goldfinch. After looking at a little booklet: 'Arkansas Backyard Birds' I think perhaps it's a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. It states they are a 'winter resident'.

I started walking last week. I am up to 5.5 miles and that takes me about an hour and 20 mins. Here is a little view while on my walk:

Now this hill is my toughest part and I'm doing pretty good! Most part are pretty much level. 

Now, what a view!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

The subject today is BIRDS

Since moving to the NW Ozark Mountain area I have come to love the Eastern Bluebirds! They may have been in the North Texas area but I never did see one...until now! We are blessed to have in our backyard a Bluebird house. At first glance I thought it was a feeder and very excited to see that is was indeed 'a house'. Now at this point I did not what we had! I would see the the houses throughout out the town and golf courses. Talking with a few locals I find that is a Bluebird Society here in the area so today I called. He wasn't home but his lovely wife was most helpful. I need to clean it out, (really??) and she was kind enough to tell me what to do. Took the phone with me and she explained how to open the silly thing. I was sadden for a moment. Inside was a sorry to say, a dead bluebird. (Lowing and nodding my head).
She was awesome and quickly said "ITS NOT YOUR FAULT"~ oh bless her heart! *smile* "He may have froze during the very colder then normal winter. Oh well. So now I have to put on gloves AND my big girl panties and clean the house. She made mention that I may see as many as 3 groups of babies! (Now sure what the proper term is for this).

Now on a happy note, after my morning walk I was in the backyard and wow...down swoop a large red headed something!!!! I'm thinking that can not be a regular woodpecker! This dude was huge. The guy building DH's shed was kind enough to tell us it is a Pileated Woodpecker!

                              So as you can see, I am loving it here...It's all good!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Betsy Evans Tatted Wreath!

All done. I just love this little wreath. I did one at Christmas last year and added berries (red seed beads) and it was so pretty I decided to do another for Spring! This little Ice Cream Sundae dish is filled with coffee beans with a little candle in the center. When lit, it warms the beads and WOW nice aroma of COFFEE fills the air. #ilovecoffee 

Monday, March 10, 2014

I just love Mondays!

Being new to the area, I thought it would be good for me to join this walking group. It's part of a 10 week clinic. So, today was my first walk. 5 ladies were in the 3 mile walk (my group) and about 15 in the 5 mile walk. 5 days a week at begins at 7 AM! It was awesome. I met some quilters and one even stated she would was looking for someone to teach her to TAT! The the time went so fast and so fun to walk with others. For me, its always been just me and the pups. They walk me 90% of the time. My goal is to join the 5 mile walkers, one step at a time. I just love our new town. Here is a view of where we begin to walk. We walk in neighborhoods with little traffic and the terrain is pretty flat, for the most part.

I can not begin to imagine what Spring is going to be like with these long and winding roads...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Yes, I have done some tatting...

...and started a new project. Like everyone else, I too am ready for spring. But that is not to say I am not enjoying the last part of this winter blast, from the inside looking out! *smile* Our area and view is still incredible. Not much change in the past month but oh, give it a few weeks! In the meantime this is what I've been working on:

Lizbeth size 20 thread in the color of Scottish Thistle.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Back Yard Fence...

                                            ,,,,better then a dog park for the pups!

What you are seeing is TONS of River Rocks. But the pups were happy playing 'Queen of the Hill'. That was spread on the sides and underneath where DH's new work shed will be. We already have a River Rock front yard. Now, that is a 'New to Me'.
Getting things box at a time. A place for everything, everything in its place.

The pups got new kennel covers too!
Dh's PC area should be clear soon...One day at a time! *smile*

Friday, February 14, 2014

All moved in...

What a week this has been. We had the UHaul truck unpacked in the snow and ice. But now most of the snow has melted, we look forward to a warm week-end.

My view earlier this week of the back yard. We are in-between a street and a road. Across the road  is a golf course which I no idea was there. 

Here is the lot next door that we able to acquire a few days after moving in. Very pleased about that.

A view from our front door. We have 2 large Magnolias which I so love! Across the street is what is referred to as Common Property. No building on these sites.  

One last picture...I called it 'I spy something brown'.

Do you see it? 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Getting closer...

Moving day is a'round the corner. Saturday DH, the 2 pups and I made a turn around trip to NW Arkansas, to our soon to be new home to drop of my car and a loaded flatbed trailer. The day before when we loaded, the temp was 72 degrees in good old Dallas, Texas. Well, yesterday our soon to be new neighbors sent us this pic! Talk about awesome timing. To the right, minus the finger, look at that that beautiful Magnolia tree! Tomorrow, the 4th we close on the house in TX, and the 5th, close on the new one! Yep...getting closer!


Yes, we still own snow shoves and it memory serves me, we may also have a snow blower. Haven't needed it much in North TX. Now lets hope the 'move in' will go smoothly and minus the snow!!! *smile*

Friday, January 31, 2014

Lizbeth's new Twirlz thread

Last night I starting tatting a small motif with the new Lizbeth's Twirlz thread. It is very nice to tat with, it's smooth and slides easily. Even with a lamp it was a hard to see the stitches so for me counting was a must. As I became accustom to the color scheme, it got a little easier. If you look closely at the pic you can see small 'hairs'. I do not see this as I was tatting. The color is #400-'Patriotic'. Myself and another sent in these colors and won 25 balls of Lizbeth thread from Handy Hands. I did include all the new colors in my winnings. When I finish the motif, I will show you the result. 

At this point of tatting I made an error, yes I was watching a movie! LOL  Un-tatting is easy, believe it or not. But for me seeing the thread count, not so much.

You can see the full line here:

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hearts, Hearts, and more Hearts

Lizbeth size 20 thread in the colors of: Purple Dark with beads, English Rose Medium, English Rose Dark, Red Burst, Azalea Medium with beads, Christmas Red, Purple Dark.  Here is Rosemarie's Heart Pattern.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

All good things must come to an end....

After almost 8 years in the Dallas Texas area, we are relocating. That's what happens when DH retires! lol
We knew our stay would one day come to an end. Bittersweet. *smile*

My awesome tatting group 'Tuesday Tatters' honored me with a 'Winter Fest Ice Cream Social'. All the fixing to make Ice Cream Sundae's and Banana Splits! It was a wonderful surprise. A big thank you to those of you who put this together and were able to participate.

For over 5 years the group has been more then tatting. Its has brought along great friendship. I have been truly blessed, in many ways. Ladies who are eager and welling to share their talents and appreciate the skills others have to share. But as I have said to each and everyone of them, we are only a click of the PC or phone call away! Don't you just love modern technology! And to mention only a 5 and half hour drive. lol

                                        Here we are, I'm in the middle, sitting down.

I am thankful for those who were able to attend. You have to know how special this was. Speaking of special, I had another surprise.

This lovely card was made by my friend Lucile Doehring! She also had little cards signed by those that were there and even added 'thumbprint hearts'!
The cards fit in the little pocket. Yes, I am loved! *smile* 

Our home sold very quickly and another found just as easily. Early February his will be my new tatting area. I think I am going to love it.  Oh, we'll be in the Ozark Mountain area, with lots and lots of trees, rolling hills and long and winding roads!
Weather permitting it should be perfect.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Snowflakes with beads...

Having fun the past few days with a pattern from Corina. I just love working with beads. Taking a break from packing... DH has decided its time to retire. So for the past weeks he's been on 'vacation' and tomorrow its official! He is soooo ready! *smile*

Me...well I let you know. LOL So, with Christmas come and gone I have tatting to keep me sane. With retiring, we are re-locating. Looking at the Ozark Mountain area.

Here is what I have done so for, working on another with red and green beads.

The blue one was my first, a little 'wonkie' and the pinkish beads was my second. Now the other one has 2 color beads, but I should have used a different color that was more pronounced. So, now back to working on the next one. Needed a little break to say hello and hope everyone's Christmas was Merry. It can be hard for some. I too know that feeling. Lost my father Dec 23 years back, kids away in different parts of the of the United States. But my spirits are high, it's all good!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nancy Tracy's Doily

What bright colors compared to the Christmas tatting I have been doing lately! The threads are Lizbeth size 20 in the of  colors of Rainbow Splash and Coral Orange Med.

At, Nancy post the pattern every other month. Here you will find Round 3.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Wreath with Berries.

Pattern by Betsy Evans. Thread is Lizbeth size 20 in the color Christmas Green Mix. Seed beads as berries.

Some of my favorite things, coffee and tatting
on a cold day. Nothing like the aroma of coffee beans warming by a Tea candle.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

                                                       More 3D tatting trees. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

More Christmas tatting...

                                         Cute little candy canes to go in Christmas.

                                                    More candy canes!

                                               A 2 inch 3D tree with seed beads. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

An oldie, but goody...

Have you ever had a tatting pattern that just did not make sense?

Well, that is what happen to me. Christmas Berry Wreath, pattern is by LaRae Mikulecky. I've had the pattern for a few years now but it always manage to get put aside. Until now. OH MY! I guess I was having a really big bad 'blond moment' because I had so much trouble understanding the pattern.

Love the internet! I found it on line and even went to other blogs seeing that I was not the only one who had to do it a few times. I saw where a tatting friend whom I chat with on line did it. I mention my dilemma.

Bless her heart, not only did she 'tat one up' but posted on her Facebook page the explanation and pictures. We were chatting this morning and I said something about how now people from around the world will see this. (she is in Argentina and I from the USA) Which comes to this idea: Let's tat!

If you care to, join in. I would love to hear from people all around the world who will tat one up!
Click the 'Let's tat' and see her pictures and explanation. I know a lot of you have done this, but perhaps it will be fun to do it again! Happy Tatting ya'll.

OH! I can not forget to mention another tatting friend Elaine Gan. She took the time last night and wrote out the pattern and invited me over today so we could tat together!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Silver and Charcoal protest... all done. My daughter Ondrea's checkerboard. In honor of my father who loved the game. Not only did he play with anyone and everyone who walked through our kitchen door, he studied books on checkers. Years of learning thousands of moves, (Memoriszed entire games to set traps to win, for instance Window Of The MILL, etc). He was a true champion. Daddy died a few days before her 2nd birthday and Ondrea never got a chance to sit with him at the kitchen table and play with him. But our stories and memories of us playing with him live on...

The checkers are from the 1930's. This took about 70 hours to tat and 6 and half weeks to tat. Pattern is from Mary Konior's book: A Pattern Book of Tatting called Eightsome Reel. Thread is Lizbeth's Charcoal Med. and Silver in size 20. For the picture I only laid the square on a folded piece of fabric.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I did it!!!

What you may ask...well, I learned how to do a split chain!! Doin' the happy dance!! I have avoided learning for too long.

This cute little Angel is by Martha Ess. It has split chains...8 little split chains. Just a soon been 100!!

So after making this one with too many cuts and ties, I decided it's time to learn. WOW...
what a challenge for me. But after a day of George, I got it!!

So this little one has a split chain avoiding to cut, tie and hide ends! I now will look at patterns in a 'new light'! This Angel has a smaller halo and is hanging on a handmade ornament holder.