Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Festival time...

 Here is my new Wrapter, to protect my hair while on the 'Wing'. I like it! Worked real well and pretty easy to put on.  May have to get more...  This would work when riding my bicycle too.

                             On our way to Lincoln, Arkansas for the Apple Festival.

                       Cool enough to wear our new jackets. What a great ride.

                                        Yummy! Sliced apples and apple cider.

                                              Soon, trees will start turning...

Saturday, September 26, 2015

This silly pup....

          I threw her ball and this is where it landed. She's whining because its 'stuck'.

I so enjoy the humming birds. They are eating more. Preparing for the long journey ahead.

 Last Sunday at Devil's Den State Park, the Yellow Rock Trail. It was raining, but we didn't get too wet.

       You can see the mist in the air here. Soon the leaves will be changing! *smile*

                                Then we went on to Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park.

This week end is all about 16th Annual Bikes, Blues & BBQ. Its a big Motorcycle Rally in Fayetteville Arkansas.
Our first year to attend some of the activities. During the day....when things are LESS rowdy! 


                                                      And more BIKES!!

                                     Yes, even able to find jackets...

                                    ...and pen's to start our collection.  *smile*

Friday, September 18, 2015

We did it!!

For months, my bicycle buddies and I have been increasing miles in our riding. Not for time, nor duration. Distance. Our goal was to ride the Razorway Greenway from start to finish. Yesterday, we did just that. Now, we have ridden the distance needed, but it was always from our starting part to a certain destination then return to starting point. So yesterday 6 of us started at mile maker #37 (Bella Vista Lake, Arkansas) at 7:00 AM  reaching mile maker #0 (South Fayetteville Arkansas) 5.5 hours later! This also included gaining 1326 feet in elevation.
This was the first time we connected all 6 towns together. A great feeling. A total of 40 miles by time we doubled back for lunch! 

   Here we are with our 'biking socks'. One of our rides son and daughter in-law provided them. Read the details here:  Portland Airport Socks

                              Staring at the Veterans Wall of Honor parking lot....

                                                             Hills are a killer....

 I took this pic at mile maker #0
 Kathy took this one that way  both of us could be in the pics.
Now off to lunch! Great 40 mile ride. Fun day with great ladies. *smile*

The best part was NOT having to ride back. (My goal for another time) Here you see one of our riders husband as he is unloading our bikes. Yes, this awesome person drove an hour or so to pick us up, loaded our bikes with tender loving care. Each had its own blanket and everything. Took us our to cars and this is what you are seeing here.  
                                                  Another wonderful adventure!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Saturday on the 'Wing' and Sunday on 'Viotet'.

          The sun was peaking out Saturday morning. Took this on my morning walk.

Just to get out the house for a bit...a nice ride on the Wing took us to a Flea Market. Look at our finds! My daughter collects the blue pattern Corningwear and I found the one with the lid to go with the 2 I already have. THEN DH spotted the Monopoly game of our town! A bit old, all pieces and never used! *smile*

5 of us road from Bella Vista to Bentonville, Rogers and back. 42 miles. Started out with 54 degrees and ended with 77 degree temp!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

A bit of what I saw this week....

                                      On our morning walk, this little guy was spotted.

 I stopped to take this pic on my way to meet the ladies for a 22 mile bicycle ride. I so love the fog.                       

This was taken this morning on our 6.5 mile walk. Lake side. Sun trying to peak threw the fog. Fall is in the air. *smile*

Thursday, September 10, 2015

My biking buddies and me!

       We showed up at the meeting place, all wearing the purple!  LOL This ride was 26 miles. Another fun day!

                 Part of the Razorback Greenway bike trail.

  A few days later, only 2 of us road.  This was part of a 41 mile ride!!
My dear, long time friend's son lost the battle with 'his demons' the day before. She so loves Weeping
Willows. Because she was heavy on my heart I just had to stop and take a pic of this awesome tree and part of the bike trail.

                    Another view...going down the path.

                 You never know what we might see!

                  This took us into really nice neighborhoods. Like being on 'home tours'. Another wonderful day biking and enjoying what life has to offer~

Saturday, September 5, 2015

15 kayakers on the Elk River, Noel Missouri

                                             Look at all the pretty colors!
This is going to be a pretty nice float! River is moving, and just enough for all the new kayakers we have out. BUT even the best of us tipped and went over!
                                                    And off we go....

Yes, cows! I learned later that the first group of kayakers saw a cow in the river. She heard all the commotions and decided it may be safer for her to join the herd.  I did see a path but didn't think about cows BEING in the water! Silly me.

The wonderful lady that baked these for everyone went over into the water. We had a moment of "SAVE THE COOKIES"! See the fruit, that was...MINE! lol           
What a beautiful day! A Bald Eagle even graced us with her presents. 

Today's float was 11 miles and took about 5 and half hours. So much beauty, friends and laughter. Life is good.