Thursday, November 20, 2014

Already November...

The fall as come and before you know it, winter weather is here. I have started riding a bicycle with a group of friends. I am borrowing until Santa brings me my very own bike. 


Rode 11 miles the first time on a bike in 100 years! The trail was great and we even went to the next town and had crepe's from a food truck! Fun day!
I also had 3 weeks with my eldest daughter. She came for a wonderful visit.
Had lots of fun getting outdoors...
Doesn't look like we can cut across here... 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Catching up...

...its been a while since I have last posted. I do this for my sister in case she should happen to wonder what I'm up too! Well, this is me.
Doing what I love best. To take pictures while I'm out on the water with Rosie and posting to Facebook!! lol

Now this was a magical day! The water was still warm but it was on the cool side with mist. 
Yes, we are nuts but that is what made it so much fun! What a morning!

Here is another favorite pass time while sitting in my favorite spot in the the kitchen table taking in all the beauty and these guys...I shall miss them when they travel on. 

I have also stepped out of my comfort zone and here we are... 'walking buddy' and I getting ready for a bike ride around Bella Vista Lake. It turned out to be an 11 mile ride over to the next town. Even had a wonderful lunch at Crape Pautette's and across the street went to, 21c
 A really nice hotel and museum with awesome art. Then turned around and headed back and thank goodness it was mostly downhill! Gotta love the Ozark Mountains. 

Yes, I have been tatting and stitch at a time! *smile*

Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's up and running...

...a tatting patterns E-Book by my friend Elaine Gan over at Facebook's Tatting Box. Available on Craftsy. The book is ready for download with 20 patterns. 
Clear instructions and diagrams. Cost is only $12 USD, What a deal! 
I am so proud of her, for her mind, her talent and God's grace. Go on 
over and check it out! Tell her Nancy sent you. *smile*

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Two and a half hours today...

                                    4 of us today...Pink, Yellow, Blue and Rosie Red!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My visitors from Chile...

I was blessed to have met a Facebook tatting friend! Irma and her family are here (in Arkansas, USA) for a visit with their daughter. Who happens to live in the next town over!!!
It was such a lovely evening. We sat on the cover deck and was even graced by a deer! 

We had gifts for one another. We shared our hand made tatting and jewelry.  Her DH laughed when I showed them my 'tatting area'. Nancy said "what you don't understand is my mothers room is JUST LIKE YOURS!" We had a lot of the same things, containers, thread, tatting items! We may be half a world apart, but you'd never know it.
It's a small world, after all!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kayaking at Lake Ann

Another beautiful evening spent with 'Rosie' and about 21 other kayaks.

                                 Spotted a purple someones lakeside yard...
                                        (Click on the pictures to enlarge and view)

Such a wonderful time...getting close to a Blue Heron...

Monday, July 7, 2014

A 'new to me' experience...

 ... Picking Blueberries at the 'Blueberry Barn'!


I met 2 of my walking buddies at 6 AM to be there for 'early pickin'. Once the parking lot is full at 6:30 AM they turn folks away. Didn't want that to happen. No sir're.

Last week the Paddle Club went to another lake, much smaller but very nice!

At this point it's very least 10 degrees cooler. What a wonderful evening for kayaking!

I am walking 6 miles a day and trying for 6 days a week...and loving every step!

                                Got my tee today...its official! I'm a Walkie Talkie!! LOL

Yes, I did tat. I test tatted for my friend over at Tatting Box...a lovey pieces she calls 'Spring'. I used the new Lizbeth Twirlz thread in the color of Monarch for the butterflies and leaves in Leaf green med.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

What a mouth this has been....

The week after Mother's day, I spent some time in Kansas City, Mo. with my youngest daughter. She flew in to be in a wedding and with it only being 3.5 hours away you know I had to join her! Went to a KC Royals baseball game and its always nice when they win! She had wonderful news to share with is what she post after her first trimester:

After my visit with her, I went on to Wichita Kansas and spent time with my dearest friend. What a nice treat that was. 

Last week I went to New Iberia, Louisiana. My home town~ My sister was celebrating her 70! Visited with family and friends and ate everything my heart desired. Gotta love that Cajun food and music! Got to sit in on Cajun Jam Session!

When I returned DH took me 'shopping' Rose AKA Rosie! 

You are looking at the backside of my new Kayak. 
The next day I took her out with a group of about 30 at a near by lake.

 Even with all the highway miles I put on my car, I did find time to tat. Imagine that! *smile*

Saturday, May 10, 2014

My new outdoor planting area!!

I just love the umbrella! Dh pretty much thought of everything! A new water spigot on this side of the house, a cute (removable) galvanized tub complete with drain hole. Today a small clear hose will be added, then all I have to do is place a bucket underneath to catch the water flow. He attached a really nice hand-hand nozzle with all the bells and whistles. (spray, mist, etc). Now the truth be told, this is pretty much for him as well as me. His work shed is behing this so when his hands are all nasty and stuff from working...he doesn't have to come in the house!! I have to rembember to put paper towels in the storage area!! Yep, I'm all bring on the Iris'! You have to know how hard it is to dig in this area...Something about being in the 'Ozark Mountains'!  *smile*


The other day we had a wonderful rain. With all the 'oak dust' pollen from the trees it was so nice to have the rain to help wash most away.  I just love the view of what I call the Mini Forrest. We are slowly clearing out the dead wood...

Looks like we're pretty much set for the summer with the new ceiling fan! Now to sit, tat and enjoy life at its best. Family, friends, birds and wild life are all welcomed! *SMILE*

Monday, May 5, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Come walk with me

Yesterday on my 6 mile walk we only had 3 walkers so we took a different route. Here is some of what I saw.

So inviting...

...lets sit and enjoy!

Or perhaps tat. I did this for a friend. This pattern is by Martha Ess. Talk about 'fussy'. It tried my patience, but I think it came out fairly well. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

I can hardly stand it...

...birds, birds, birds! Just now I had a male Cardinal AND an American Goldfinch sitting at the same feeder with a Bluebird sitting on his birdhouse! To fast for me to capture them on pic. But I did manage to get this one

                            So far I have seen 3 of the Humming birds at 2 different feeders.


This Indigo Bunting! 

Wow I am in awe and just think what I'd do with a 'real camera' (instead of my iPhone).  I'd be dangerous! 
I have found for me to get anything done I need to just walk away! From ever window in the house! Or else I'd never get any tatting done. LOL 

Don't you just love my little booklet! It has become my new bible of the bird world! 
Since the 4th of July also known as 'Independence Day' will soon be here for us in the U.S.A. I am starting a new project. I just love Red, White and Blue. UPDATE: I have removed the beads on the chain. I didn't feel that is was working out. So after 17 attached...I un-tatted. Looking better, I think.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dogwood trees....

                                       ...are in full bloom now! Here is a yellow one.

Here is a beautiful white one. I need to get a pic of a pink one next!
While on my 5-6 mile morning walks it amazes me to see all the beauty! 

This is the Dogwood Trails at Crystal Bridges. This adventure took me on a 9 mile walk. Most of that was just trying to find my car! LOL 

I just finished working on a 3 piece gift set for a friend of my daughters. One regular 'Spinning Wheel Glass Mat' and 2 mini's. Pattern by Mary Konior from the book Tatting with Visual Patterns. I used Lizbeth size 20 thread in the color of Latte Foam, Ecru and Mocha Brown Light. Please note that the idea for the 'mini' was from my dear friend Elaine Gan. Such a cleaver idea.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Still doesn't look like much...

I am walking 5.5 miles each morning for 5 weeks now and this is the view I see at the place I park. But I know soon things will change. After all, it is Spring! 

This is my view from the garage. We are the only one of two houses on our Lane and the last house on the cul-de-sac. Yesterday morning I opened the garage door to see a Deer and her fawn right in the middle of that little wooded area in front of you. What a delightful surprise!

Now I leave you with these little guys. 100% fat free and zero calories! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Who doesn't love Chocolate Bunnies!

One in Vanilla and the other in Fudge! Best thing ever is these are zero calories! But you know how bunnies to make more! lol 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy International Tatting Day!

                     Today I shall go to the library to tat. Some place nice and quite! *smile*

                                               A lovely piece I finished yesterday!
Lizbeth thread size 20 in the color of Scottish Thistle. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

It goes in the mail tomorrow!

Hanky bonnet in the color of Lizbeth's 'Pretty in Pink', the booties in 'Pink Medium', Both in size 20 thread.            Booties pattern by Mary Konior, 'Goodie Two Shoes'.