Monday, December 4, 2017

More hiking and tatting...


                    44 hikes at Lake Leatherwood, near Eureka Springs, AR.

Beautiful weather for both hikes. Life is good when you're outdoors and on a trail.
                 Now for some tatting...with seed beads and bugles.

A 'arkars' Ice Drop below.
That's all for now. Stay tune for more hiking and tatting! *smile*

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hiking and Tatting

This was on a hike on White Rock Mountain in Arkansas at the beginning of the month. A bit foggy but beautiful none the less. An 8 mile hard hike.

The following week we hiked Roaring Springs State Park, in Missouri.

I'm in the white jacket, looking to see if the cave is really not a 'Wine Bar'.
Did hear that this is good place for trout fishing.

Now for some tatting of  Ice Drops!  This pattern is called 'Birthday'

It has quarter inch bugles and seed beads. A 'new to me' project!

This one has half inch bugles and more seed beads. Different.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Madam Butterfly and her friend, Ms Bumble Bee!

Here we are at the last Farmer's Market of the season. Not only was I handing out milkweed seeds for others to plant we were representing North West Arkansas Master Naturalists.

Now that 'Madam Butterfly' has made her stop in Arkansas, to Monarch Waystation #16918 it's now time for 'her' to make the long journey to Mexico.

 What a wonderful fall migration this has been. *smile*


Friday, November 3, 2017

Keeping on my mission to save the Monarchs!

              Prepping milkweed seeds to plant
As the Asclepias Incarnata- Swamp Milkweed for Monarch Butterflies pods would open I would place them in a bag for later...

                   Now to remove lots of silk 'fluff'

      I don't mind. I just sit outdoors and do my

Now to bag the seeds and add instructions on how to plant. 'Madam Butterfly' will pass these out Sunday at our local Farmer's Market, last one of the season.

All done and ready to hand out, asking people to PLANT for the MONARCHS.

Bagged and ready to go!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

All good things must come to and end. *smile*

Aug. 19 - Oct. 3, 2017 Fall Miagration Monarch season has come to an end. I was blessed to have reared and released 28 females and 23 males giving me a total of 51 amazing butterflies. (over 4 times more then my first time last fall) These 51 are referred to as the 'Super Generation', living 10 times longer then their 'parents', to be able to fly south and winter in Mexico. I would like to give a big thanks to each and every one of you who has given me such great support. With that, I leave you with this little video…/watch-the-birth-of-super-monarch-…
Here is #51, a healthy male. Godspeed little one...                                     

                      One more thing, please

      Until next season, so long from  #16918

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

9-29-2017 Nothing like a good paddle.... clear the mind! 6 of us out on a somewhat windy day. As always it was nice to get out on one of the 6 lakes in our town.

Meanwhile, in the Hut, one is soon to enclose. Look at those beautiful wings!

I'm attempting to get step-by-step pics of the process...
The chrysalis has just opened.
Staring to emerge.

There, its out!

Only one set of wings are visible and very wrinkled.

Now you see both sets of wings.
Here you can also see HIS proboscis. (The little curled up drinking straw).
All this takes less then 4-5 minutes. At this point, his wings will dry, then in 4 hours are so he will be ready for release. 

One this day, 6 enclosed and released bringing the total to 48.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Morning Coffee in the Hut 9-19-2017

For days, each morning I sat with my morning coffee and my journal. The activity really kept me busy for hours and hours. Here you can see all the pots of milkweed. I had to switch them out every so often. The cats were all eating so much. But I had MORE then plenty this year.

 At this point I had 2 crystals'  
in #1 cage and 2 chrysalis in another cage. (From indoors, now in the Hut. I did not want to mix ones from indoors with the ones for the garden). From the garden: 9 in chrysalis and 8 caterpillars. Total of 17, not counting the ones from indoors.
So you can see, things were a little busy.
Each day, I would do a 'head count'. Not all the time I came up with the same amount of cats. Drove me nuts. For a couple of days I guessed I had just missed counted. 
For safety due to some windy days, I added bricks to each end of the Hut.

Well I'll be darn! I had found my 'run away'. I was not miscounting after all! Silly cat. THIS was NOT the best please for him. To hide, yes but needed to be moved as soon as it was safe to do so. IF he enclosed there, his wings would not spread out and dry properly. Not good. I do let nature take its course but often I do help Mother Nature! So far 36 were released and headed towards Mexico.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

No more Monarch crysalis in the house...

               ...they are all moved to the outdoor hut.

Trying something new this year. Look at these fat cats! Now I have our dining room back in order and I know it will be easier to say goodbye after the last Monarch has flown away.

At one point I had 10 milkweed plants for the cats to munch on inside the hut. Again I am so thankful to have planted 15 extra milkweeds in pots. Those are the ones from seeds. Now, as you can see, things are starting to slow down.

I do take time out and have fun with my cycling friends! The 4 of us were part of over 1700 riders. We rode 30 miles, through 6 towns for this event. What a fun day. I'm at the end on your right. We are 'showing off' our match socks!  *smile* When I returned home later that day I had 6 monarchs waiting to be released.
One of my favorite pics. The caterpillars are so fun to watch. This guy, fell asleep while eating. Yes, in this position. Eating 2000 times it's weight in 2.5 weeks is hard work!
This is just too darn cute.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Still having fun with the Monarchs 9-17-2017

I had this little for an overnight guest. It had rain the time he was to be released, best to keep him overnight. Since it had been 24 hours since he enclosed, he needed nourishment for his long flight ahead to Mexico. In the top center pic you can see his proboscis is in the nectar.  Nothing like pure organic honey and warm water for the soul. Now to be released. *smile*

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Boy, am I behind on Monarch updates!

A lot has happened in the past few day. At this point I have released 26 butterflies and perhaps another 4 today.

I am finding caterpillars in my butterfly garden and leaving them...then I found these guys in chrysalis stage and had to bring them in.
I have 4, in their very own cage indoor. I hated to think of them being so vulnerable out there for at least 9-14 days. Again, I am way behind but I will journal tomorrow. Today is a 30 mile bicycle ride that I had to prepare for but I will let you know 'the rest of the story',

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


...was very exciting around here.
Woke up to find a 'dark' chrysalis! That's a good thing. Here, you can see the wings.
I was getting ready to blog about it and the next thing I know...
That fast! Look at the wings. Wet and crinkly at this point. I like to watch and be near to be sure it doesn't fall and offer assistance if it does. That would NOT be good.  Giving it some minutes and you have...
In less then 5 hours, she was released. Make it to Mexico, my sweet lady.
This whole miracle took only 23 days from female laying her eggs to this magical moment. Amazing.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Trying something 'New to Me'

I bought this enclosed mosquito hut last year. While watering this morning I always check my milkweed for bugs or Monarch caterpillars. I did find one plant with at least 3 caterpillar on it. Well I remembered I have this and decide to give it a try. Then I found 3 more plants with caterpillars. I added bricks on each end. Just in case the wind comes up. I will keep and eye out for too much sun, its right at my view when looking outdoors.

Here is a closer view. Why am I doing this you may wonder. To help the caterpillars have a better chance of survival. This way IF they haven't been stung by a wasp or bitten by a fly, they will be protected from harm, now until they enclose. Just helping Mother Nature out a bit. *smile*