Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wow...already the end of August!

Things are busy in the Gilmore nursery AND
I am also 'cat' sitting 13 for a friend~
Her's are in the small cube. All are in chrysalis. That's nice because no more eating and pooping! lol
I have since released 19 but I have to tell you about the last one. It took 2 days to 'J'.  Then when it was time to stayed in dark mode way too long for my liking.

So....I took it outdoors in case it was ill. (didn't what to infect the others)
I placed it near a milkweed plant. I was hoping for a magical moment, I guess.
 IF it did enclose it would at least have something to climb and dry off HER wings. Low and behold....This moment is why I do what I do. *smile*

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