Sunday, August 12, 2018

A crazy day indeed!

First thing this morning I went out to check for milkweed seeds. This is the pod of a swamp milkweed. I will collect until mid October and I will give away in these cute little bags. Instructions for planning included. 

This guy climbed to the top of the cage last evening and is in what is referred to as 'J'ing' or in the J position. It find the very best spot, and is still for about 24 hours. Then goes into the J. See how its antenna's are limp. That means it will soon chance into a 
This one attached itself to a leaf. So far safety sake, I pinned it to the top of the cage. After the chrysalis has harden (about 24 hours) I will remove the leaf and rehang it. It will remain in chrysalis for 9-14 days.
Cats. Cats. Galore.
3 of the 11 in this cage are in chrysalis. The rest are roaming around causing mischief. They love to pester the ones that have found their 'spot' and want to be near. Too near. I have played referee all day. Last I checked, all but 2 are placed where they want to be. It's all good.  *smile*

To relax a bit, here is what I did today. A new Ice Drop in the color of Summer fun. Bye for now.


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