Saturday, August 4, 2018

Sooner then I expected...

...on the monarch end~ I collected 7 very small caterpillars this morning and what might be one egg. Oh, make that 9. Just found two more.
                  How many can you find?   See 4?

Note sure if its an egg but time will tell. Usually when it hatches, it's cream colored. Then in about 4 days, it turns dark. So.....we shall soon see.
And once again, I did NOT see a female Monarch! Lots of other kinds such as these below.
Silvery Checkerspots
Male Eastern Swallowtail
Oh,  just to show you I have a life besides butterflies...LOL
2 latest Ice Drops!
Until next time....


Jane McLellan said...

Pretty butterflies. I hope that spot is an egg, to add to your brood.

Nancy Dugas-Gilmore said...

Unfortunately, Jane it did not. :(