Wednesday, October 4, 2017

9-29-2017 Nothing like a good paddle.... clear the mind! 6 of us out on a somewhat windy day. As always it was nice to get out on one of the 6 lakes in our town.

Meanwhile, in the Hut, one is soon to enclose. Look at those beautiful wings!

I'm attempting to get step-by-step pics of the process...
The chrysalis has just opened.
Staring to emerge.

There, its out!

Only one set of wings are visible and very wrinkled.

Now you see both sets of wings.
Here you can also see HIS proboscis. (The little curled up drinking straw).
All this takes less then 4-5 minutes. At this point, his wings will dry, then in 4 hours are so he will be ready for release. 

One this day, 6 enclosed and released bringing the total to 48.

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