Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Rearing Monarch Caterpillar...

...does come with a bit of sadness and heartache. Day before yesterday I had one ooze while changing to a chrysalis. Sadly, it had to be euthanized. The humane way to do this is to put in a plastic bag, place in the refrigerator then placed in the freezer. Leave there for at least 24 hours. I have since learned to add a bit of bleach to the baggie, just in case it was diseased, it will not spread in the 'landfill'. At this point I had 18 changed to chrysalis...odds are not too bad. (trying to make myself feed better)

Yesterday morning when cleaning/feeding smaller caterpillars I came across this little guy.
 The black line was not there when I checked on it last night. After consulting with my awesome Facebook group Raising Butterflies and Moths for Conservation (+ All Pollinators) I was told to isolate immediately. Which I did. Now, I just wait. No one had any clue. Maybe nothing.  I do not wish to pass on 'bad news' but I feel and need to share what I am learn and experiencing. Good and bad.

Now on to a different note....I found this guy on one of my milkweed plants this morning. A definite a 'New to Me' experience. Do you see him? Sitting pretty on a leaf a Gray Tree Frog ~ He was relocated to a better place. Well, one that is not going to supply him smaller caterpillars which I do have outdoors. I decided I can NOT save them all...big sigh. For those, I am letting nature take it's course.  Not easy thing for me, you have to know.

So for yesterday the censes was: 42 total. 26 in chrysalis, 16 caterpillars and ONE egg. Yep, I did. Found one today and brought him in.  *smile*
Things are slowing now because I only have a few to feed/clean up after. The ones in chrysalis can be in that form for 10-14 days. Fingers cross for a good release percentage. Perhaps now I can tat.  *smile*

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