Monday, September 4, 2017

#6 chrysalis from yesterday...

...has been moved to a better location in cage #1. He was the one on the 'zipper'. It's double secured, for safety reasons.

Yesterday was crazy! The whole day was devoted to these guys. I fed, cleaned, watching the roaming caterpillars and moving them so they would not disturb the already formed chrysalis. Cage #1: Here (on right) you are seeing a top view. Numbered and dated. These cats are the last 2 to change. (in this cage). Total: 12
If you look closely at the middle one can see a bit of 'gold'. Click on the pic for a larger view. So pretty.
Cage #2 called a 'baby cube'. First time using it and wish I had more. They can be found here. SOLD OUT....can you imagine! LOL
This cage has a total of 7. As I was taking the pic, I see this...
 Chrysalis #18 was just changing.
Soooo much activity in cage #3. Total of 17. One chrysalis and the rest caterpillars. These are going to slow down sooner or later and start to 'J'. Hopefully...because I am starting to wear down myself. How do people with 100's do it?!?!  I do have 4 that are to small to join the other. Those are still in the 'nursery' for now.

So this my friends is what our dining room looks like. Well for a little while anyway. Fingers cross that I have a great release rate! Things will slow down. So looking forward to getting out later and have dinner out with my husband. *smile*

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