Sunday, September 3, 2017 to a good start.

The caterpillar that was in the 'J'ing stage has changed to a chrysalis. At this point it is very, very soft.

Here is a chrysalis from last year. It needed to be moved due to the fact it was TOO close to another chrysalis. You want enough room for the butterfly to spread his wings and dry out. What you see is the chrysalis laying in the palm of my hand. I have a long straight pin going through the silk button from which was made by the caterpillar for hanging purpose. Isn't it beautiful!

This is a caterpillar I found at this mornings feeding/cleaning time....NOT a good location for this guy.

This is from the inside looking out. He is right on the zipper that allows me to open the cage. Luckily this can be an easy fix, in due time. 

What I did here was added a piece of tape to stop the zipper. THEN I marked with orange as a reminder,  me not to force  it open.
After the changes into a chrysalis I will give it 24 hours, then move him to a safer location. Silly guy.
I need to share this with you. Here is one of my 'go to' person  in the Monarch Butterfly world. Tony Gomez has great knowledge and is so very helpful. I love his eBook's. Facebook has some awesome sites and I belong to a few. People with like minds are always so helpful and there when you need them. For that I am truly grateful.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Butterflies and moths are fascinating. My friend Denise has taken courses this past year to learn about butterflies, insects, gardening. I think the two of you might be kindred spirits!

Nancy G said...

And this dear friend is why I am not drops! LOL