Sunday, August 27, 2017

Time to move the bigger ones...

...from the 'caterpillar nursery' to this...


 I moved 9 this early AM. They are getting so big at one week old.
Here is one that has just molted. You can see his 'skin' right behind him. Sort of just walks right out of it.
On the right you can see the difference a few days can make in size.
Yesterday was the first time for me to see a female Monarch lay her eggs on the milkweed plants. She was just too fast darting here and there, I wasn't able to get a pic. I was able to 'find' 5 of her eggs. It is best to get they right after they are laid that way a wasp or other insects can do NO harm.
Here you see my set up as it is NOW. I have a total of 9 eggs and 33 caterpillars in various stages. Fingers crossed they all make it. But at least they have a better chance then being out in the 'wild'.

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