Thursday, August 31, 2017

Changing egg cartons...

....I have the floral tubes filled with water keeping the leaves fresh. The tubes are poked in the top of an egg carton. I also place the total number of cats on each containers I have. Well, seems I have a 'runaway Joe'.

Here he is!!! Underneath the egg container! In order to move him I had to entice him/her with FOOD!! It worked....back where he should be. *smile*

I do more then take of caterpillars...I went on a 4.5 mile hike. Getting ready for the 'real guided hike' for this Sat. event.  The Back 40 event.
3 of us are I.D'ing plants and trees! This is an intermediate trail. I am all set with lots of water and PJ has a books to help us, making sure we know one plant/trees from another! 

This was last night. Getting ready for feeding and cleaning time. Takes anywhere between 1-2 hours twice a day. About every 12 hours. Yes, it is so worth it! Wait, you'll see what I mean later in the month!

Last pic because I need to get ready to go kayaking on Beaver Lake, here in AR. But let me tell you what you are looking at. This is a monarch caterpillar molting. It's crawling out of his/her skin as it change from one instar to another. See the little 'cap', that is from his face!  It is a pale yellow now, but it will change colors soon. Stay tune...We are up to 42 cats now, with lots of milkweed to feed these very hungry caterpillars!

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Hope you enjoy your hike on Saturday,
Looking forward to seeing the new butterflies