Thursday, August 24, 2017

Lots of activity...

This morning by 6 am I have already cleaned, water misted and fed 22 very hungry caterpillars! If all goes well with these cats, I will have already reared double of my released last fall. WOW.
I had a few over night hatch, so tiny compared to the 'older' ones. Amazing. Stay tune for more of the wonders of nature. Here is an example of the different sizes in age: (about a 2 week period)

I going to try something 'New to Me'. I found 3 caterpillars outdoors. They are only first instar (very tiny). I place them all on one milkweed plant, for now. They are outdoors but out of harms way. I'm going kayaking today and they well be fine. I do have a life besides monarch's.  LOL


Jane McLellan said...

I wonder if the 'wild' ones will do anything different to your hatched ones.

Nancy G said...

Oh no, they are basely all the 'same'. Only difference will be size. They grow so fast it's amazing. Their eye sight is very poor so therefore I will separate them as they get larger. Larger cats can eat the smaller ones. Don't want that! I did bring the these indoors. I really don't trust the weather.