Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The last 2 Monarch Butterflies for Fall 2016

 So here it is Friday October 7, 2016 8 AM. I kept them really close by to watch the emerging process without incidents. Like falling or unable to properly come out. If they do fall, one needs to get them off the flat surface as soon as possible so the wings are not damaged. A Q-Tip is good to have handy so it can grab a hold of it and place in a safe hanging area. Remember, they are wet and wrinkled at this stage.  

                     #11 is doing great, waiting for #12.

So here is a male and female. Just as beautiful and perfect in every way. The wind is blowing and it's rainy, so this pair will have a sleep over.
Saturday October 8, 2016
Time to release these beauties. Bittersweet.
One of my butterfly mentors said to me...
"If you love it, let it go.
If it loves you, it will
come back to you...At least their children do" 
My butterfly garden is saying good-bye, until next spring when we welcome the next generation!
Here are the statistics for my first time rearing Monarchs:
13 total
5 eggs from milkweed
8 caterpillars from milkweed
1 loss
7 female's
5 male's
12 released
My plea to you is to
                   and help the Monarchs to thrive.



Jane McLellan said...

Wow, you've done really well on your first time out, congratulations!

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Congratulations, Nancy!

Margarets designer cards said...

Well done and congratulations on 12 new butterflies to the world,
I hope they all return to you next year, they say many animals such as frogs return to the pool they were born in so I hope your butterflies will do the same,

Nancy G said...

Thanks friends! Next season may be even bigger and better. I am hooked! Also, thanks for following me, I just wanted to share my joy.