Monday, October 17, 2016

Just a little information about the Monarch Butterflies


 Remember this? If you look close enough you can see the wings on the left side of the pic.

                 A beautiful chrysalis with the silk on top.

Above is a magnified view of what is holding the chrysalis to the top of the cages. Below is a detailed view of the chrysalis.
In one of the groups I follow on Facebook, Holli has posted some amazing pics. Thought I'd share with you a little of what I have learned in only 7 weeks. (From time
of my first find of eggs and caterpillars to last butterfly to be released). I am still in awe.

                Now for a little 'sex education'!   LOL
See the 2 dots on the male on each side of his abdomen...those are HIS scent glands. The wings are a little different also.

Tomorrow I will share with you my last two beauties.
But first I leave you with this...

This pic was taken by Amy Cassarnal, in a classroom while doing a study on Monarch's. Perfect! Until next time.

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