Thursday, June 19, 2008

The ducks...

Spring 2006
While I was away, a 'new' women decided to nest in our bushes. Yes, mother DUCK! Let me go back 2 years and tell you the story. When we moved to our new home much to our surprise a duck and 13 eggs where here. Since the pool was going to be drained and resurface, we had very little choice but to let her nest.
Well, one morning there she was in the pool with her 13 babies in tow! My DH made a ramp for them to get out of the pool. It took about 2 days, but the babies learned to 'follow' mom and off they went...out the back yard gate.

I will keep you up to far no babies! Only 10 eggs!


Sandy said...

Nancy, my first post, last night is floating somewhere in cyberspace. LOL!!!

Love the blog!


Lil said...

I love your DUCKS and parrotlet!