Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Newest Addition...

Elijah Sevin Thomas Duong.

During the month of May, I spent with my daughter and her family. I brought along some 'hand work' to do. I started with finding pics on the net of different items that appealed to me, birds, a fiddle, and the snail. That is where I started my new hobby, embroidery. I found a few other samples to do, and not knowing what to do with them, I decided to put them together in a 'wall hanging'. Thus, my first photos.

I was asked by my daughter to make blankets for her children. Her grandmother has a pattern of the prayer, 'Now I lay me down to sleep'. She made this for many children including her own son, who is now in his 50's. It was old, tattered and this wonderful (unknown) women made a bear out of it, using all the best pieces she could from the little quilt. Grandmother made 2, for her first 2 children. So, now with 3 more added to this wonderful family, I will attempt to follow her lead. This 87 (I was told she is not 83....but 87!)year old lady did 3 set of the prayer! How awesome is that! (9 blocks in each quilt).

My DH surprised me with a New Joy quilting fame to go with my Janomi 3500, so before I could take the words back, I said "Let me finish the blocks, piece it together and do the quilting!" Was I on drugs when I said this?!?!?! Oh well. I will start on them....soon

As I mention, I was with my daughter (in Atlanta) in May. Yes, to be there for the birth of the newest member of her family. Elijah Sevin Thomas was born May 12, 2008. He was welcome by Dad (Keit), Mom (Desirae)and 4 siblings. Jhordon, she's 13, Korbin, 7, Malakai 3 and Juniper 2.


Anonymous said...

mom grandma is 87 her little brother Cliff is 83

BSOTF said...

You have a beautiful family! He looks like he's going to be an easy going little one. He has alot of love from all of you too already & he knows it. Congrats!