Friday, June 20, 2008

Finished sampler

Here it is. After making it into a wall hanging, I will hang it in my sewing room so I can enjoy.
When I was in Atlanta, my daughter handed me a bag of 'goodies'. It was from her grandmother and she wanted to share with me. They were vintage books of crochet patterns, lots of them. Also, were iron on patterns to embroidery. You know the kind, Aunt Mathas'. One was the complete set of 'State Birds'. I remember loving the quilt she made from this patten. (more than likely in the mid 50's) Birds, flowers from 50 states! Got me to thinkin'...could I do this for myself!?!??!? So, the first one I did was Alabama-flower is the camellia, bird is the yellowhammer. I spent 4 evenings working on the silly thing. The one thing that concerned me was the print marks on the fabric. Remember, these are old and having been stored away only Lord knows where. After consulting with my former mother in law, I took her up on her advice and bought a new set. Hey, for $6 she felt it was worth that to make sure the ink would wash out. So, there you have it. The story of why the lone Ark. bird and flower sits in the sample. I will make another one, soon.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh... that looks really cute. And it looks on purpose, some how!? I like it.