Friday, December 29, 2017

More hiking, more tatting.

14 hikers in 20 degree weather....the best hike ever. Here begins a 10 mile hike....

Just a few of us...the others are behind us.
This is looking up 209 ft. at a very dry 'Hemmed In Hollows Falls'.
Lunch at Granny Herderson's Cabin.
Now to hike the iconic Goat Trail, For this one we needed to hike downhill...not so easy. Very rocky and my feet were not happy!
Here we are, at the Goat Trail looking down (550 ft.) at the Buffalo National River below.
This was the trickiest part. Very little ledge and having to climb between tree limbs. Going around was not bad because you went around a corner. But for me coming back through, I was a bit nervous because I could see NOTHING but open space below. Easy does it on this part!
What an amazing hike. One to scratch off my bucket list!
Now for some tatting, my last Ice Drops. The one on the left is in gold thread and beads. Pattern on the left was adapted from Tatted Snowflakes Collections by Jon
Yusoff. Circle of Crowns.                                                      
 The green one is called Christmas Wreath by Samantha Melnychuk adapted into an Ice Drop.
Happy New Year's everyone. May good health and happiness come your way for 2018.

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