Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I said I wasn't going to bring anymore indoors....

...well I couldn't help myself. I now have 30 eggs as of 8/21/2017. I check regularly outdoors and the little containers indoors. IF I did miss any eggs outdoors I am checking for very tiny Monarch caterpillars. None, so far.
BUT....this afternoon with much joy I discovered this:

 What the heck are you looking at you might ask. Well, the black tip you see is the head of a cat that has NOT hatched yet (from the first batch of eggs I brought indoors on Saturday! Now remember this is about the size of a pencil tip, and magnified a lot!  I did find 9 out of 10 ready to hatch! So now I prepare for the next step.

I have 9 leaves, wash, dried and placed in floral tubes with filled with water to be ready when the eggs hatch. They will eat the shell then be ready to munch down on leaves. That's when the fun begins. Making sure I have plenty of clean, fresh leaves for them to chow down on.

So for now, this is what my little area looks like. Still a 'dining room' but not for long!   lol 

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