Sunday, February 28, 2016

My first week in Cool, California

Now remember, I had not held this precious grand daughter since she was 9 days old, so I had a whole year to make up for~
Time to unpack and pull out the handmade goodies....a little crochet poncho and hat. *smile*  At this point Penelope loves to point her finger!

 Here we are at her first 'Story time'. Not sure who was having more fun! I think I was. Penelope is not to sure what's going on. Didn't take long for her start really enjoying the puppets.  OH! This was her 1st birthday too~

 A few days later it was time for her first gymnastic play day. Her mom is a retired gymnast  and coach for cheerleading and gymnastic. Hence, starting her out early. 

                                               Working on her handstands....

This amazed me. When her mom tells her to tighten her knees, her hands go up and she balances on her own. WOW! Then she says 'YEA'.
Stay time to more post...there was so much to do and see in my 3 week visit.

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zarina said...

That is so cool. I wished I had the chance to experience gymnastic in my childhood.

Penelope is real lucky to have a retired gymnast as a mother. Love to see her progress.