Thursday, September 10, 2015

My biking buddies and me!

       We showed up at the meeting place, all wearing the purple!  LOL This ride was 26 miles. Another fun day!

                 Part of the Razorback Greenway bike trail.

  A few days later, only 2 of us road.  This was part of a 41 mile ride!!
My dear, long time friend's son lost the battle with 'his demons' the day before. She so loves Weeping
Willows. Because she was heavy on my heart I just had to stop and take a pic of this awesome tree and part of the bike trail.

                    Another view...going down the path.

                 You never know what we might see!

                  This took us into really nice neighborhoods. Like being on 'home tours'. Another wonderful day biking and enjoying what life has to offer~


tattrldy said...

Such beautiful trails you go on. It's wonderful that you can get out and do this - and share your rides with us through your pictures :-)

Oh! said...

Proud of you and you adventures! Love you!