Saturday, September 5, 2015

15 kayakers on the Elk River, Noel Missouri

                                             Look at all the pretty colors!
This is going to be a pretty nice float! River is moving, and just enough for all the new kayakers we have out. BUT even the best of us tipped and went over!
                                                    And off we go....

Yes, cows! I learned later that the first group of kayakers saw a cow in the river. She heard all the commotions and decided it may be safer for her to join the herd.  I did see a path but didn't think about cows BEING in the water! Silly me.

The wonderful lady that baked these for everyone went over into the water. We had a moment of "SAVE THE COOKIES"! See the fruit, that was...MINE! lol           
What a beautiful day! A Bald Eagle even graced us with her presents. 

Today's float was 11 miles and took about 5 and half hours. So much beauty, friends and laughter. Life is good.


Cindy said...

Looks like a beautiful, relaxing day. Lucky you!

Nancy G said...

Indeed Cindy! We are so blessed to live in the Ozark Mountains. So much to do and see!