Saturday, February 21, 2015

January 30-Feb 9 , 2015

After leaving sunny Northern California, its starting to look like winter landing at the Denver Colorado airport.

If you have been keeping up with the past 5 and half weeks you know I am now heading home, to the Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas. With one daughter just having a baby I have the other one in the hospital in Atlanta Georgia area. My eldest daughter, the one that spent 3 weeks me back in the fall is having a kidney removed. Never has a mother wanted to be at two places at one time. This women has been through a life time of suffering.  The past year she had 17 surgery's to remove stones in the GOOD kidney! After her visit and much need R&R she was 'ready' to face this major surgury...well as ready as one could be. The 'bad' kidney was so riddle with stones that is was now a large mass and working at only 10%. She has been home now and the recovery has been slow. Keep her in your thoughts,please.

                               February 1st: My birthday and Super Bowl Sunday!

Feb 7th and now it's time to get back on 'Violet' and join the ladies on a bike ride!
Here we are visit by the 2 cuties Yorkies. They only wanted to be sure we were having fun! 

 Feb 9th: Taking advantage of the nice weather while we can. On a fun 5 mile hike~
Picture perfect day!

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