Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sooner then later I will catch up....

Ollie is hanging around well after Christmas! He demanded to be around for the                       birth of my grand daughter...

The bag you see here was from my wonderful tatting friend Zarina ZA from Malaya.
Carrying my tatting supplies: Thread and holder, beads, thread cutter, small light. If I need if for my project...its in here!
Just perfect to take along my tatting needs! She knew I collected Monopoly games and since I DID NOT have one from Malaya, she found one and sent one to me! Took 2 and a half months to get it....well worth it! *smile*.

                                         Now I just need a  few friends to play!

A little something I crochet for Miss Penelope Lee. A baby size afghan and a turban to match.
                                        January 13th and rockin' that bump!

Meet Pearl. She is my roommate. Having fun catching bugs on the tablet! LOL

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