Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bluebird Update:

I am so exited. This little bird came a few days ago and went inside! Stayed for a long time...just enjoying the morning.

Now, as you can see, here is another little bird on the bird feeder. At first I thought it was a Goldfinch. After looking at a little booklet: 'Arkansas Backyard Birds' I think perhaps it's a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. It states they are a 'winter resident'.

I started walking last week. I am up to 5.5 miles and that takes me about an hour and 20 mins. Here is a little view while on my walk:

Now this hill is my toughest part and I'm doing pretty good! Most part are pretty much level. 

Now, what a view!!


Cindy said...

Lucky you! I'm waiting for our resident bluebirds to return, but haven't seen any yet. Too much snow still on the ground here in Minnesota :/

Margarets designer cards said...

What a pretty bird, Hope your spring comes soon,