Monday, September 1, 2008

State bird and flower

Here is the Nevada's state bird, the Mountain Bluebird sitting on a Sagebrush.
My family in New Iberia, La. are without power since 11:30am.
So for, all is well.


Jane said...

Hope all the family stay safe

Quiltsmiles said...


Love your embroidered birds. Are you coloring in the blocks too? Please advise within another post on how you are actually doing these blocks. I love embroidery and quilting, so of course this is a WHIMM for me to accomplish at some time. Jane, An Adirondack Quilter

Nancy G said...

Jane, I did post a 'how I am doing my quilt'. Hope this is helpful to you. Please, if you, or anyone reading this post have another suggestion or advice...let me know!