Monday, August 25, 2008



...'Now I lay me down to sleep' quilt. Great-grandma Foster did the blocks for this quilt, momma picked out the fabric, and I am putting it 'all together'...slowly, but surly. (Correction, Mom was on the phone with me while I made the selection at a fabric shop
....had to decide between cowboys and monkeys.)

I just started Saturday on it so I have a little ways to go yet with it. Kai likes 'cowboys' and his favorite color is red...which is a light corduroy fabric.

This one will go faster then Miss Juniper's quilt.

Remember, I still one more to go after this one...Eli's.


Sandy said...

It's going to be beautiful!!!

I love the color combination.

Blessings on your stitches,

Lori Gibson said...

Cowboys were a great choice. I love your quilt. You left a sweet comment on my blog about my new sewing ~ guest room combo and the quilt on the bed. The blocks were embrodiered by my Grandma Dorothy, I pieced and quilted the rest of the quilt. It is a real treasure to me to have something that she made. Thank you, Lori

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm....I can see a special someone's pillow in the back ground of this's so sweet and special. Have you shown Aunt Nette?