Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mon Jardin de Papillion is loving the rain!

What garden doesn't love a nice spring rain.

I've add another area but as you can see, still working on it. I will replace the bricks with our own rocks....Just haven't done so yet.
 I went hiking a few weeks back and found an 'Wild false indigo' plant. Pale yellow but it caught my eye.
A few days later, I went to a local nursery and found a False Indigo but it's color is Purple Taffy. Yes, I did get it and it's planted in the newly planted area. It is native to my area so I was very excite for this find.
This spring has been too hot to fast and with that being said I had the time and opportunity to test tatting for my friend Elaine Gan.
She truly is a gifted designer and I so love her work.


The tatting design you see here is from her series E-Books (instant download) can be found here.

The color of HDT is called 'Mardi Gras' by Marilee Rockley.

 I also tatted snowflakes too, patterns from the same E-Book.
Never too early to tat snowflakes! 
Until next time...

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Margarets designer cards said...

We have gone from a cold wet spring, to a warm spring in a matter of weeks with plants trying hard to catch up and flower as fast as possible, as for spring rain, I wish at the moment we have heavy thunder storms with torrantial rain, which is beating the summer plants to death.