Sunday, September 10, 2017

Trying something 'New to Me'

I bought this enclosed mosquito hut last year. While watering this morning I always check my milkweed for bugs or Monarch caterpillars. I did find one plant with at least 3 caterpillar on it. Well I remembered I have this and decide to give it a try. Then I found 3 more plants with caterpillars. I added bricks on each end. Just in case the wind comes up. I will keep and eye out for too much sun, its right at my view when looking outdoors.

Here is a closer view. Why am I doing this you may wonder. To help the caterpillars have a better chance of survival. This way IF they haven't been stung by a wasp or bitten by a fly, they will be protected from harm, now until they enclose. Just helping Mother Nature out a bit. *smile*


stitchersanon said...

That is wonderful. Sounds perfect to me!

Nancy G said...

Thank you for your comment! So far, so good. I did count 6 this they are all there! LOL