Sunday, October 9, 2016

Running out of milkweed! September 17. 2016

One foggy morning, I was looking out the window at my poor Tropical milkweed. (one of 6 mw plants). Wondering how I was going to feed the six caterpillars I had remaining. Only a few leaves remain on this one. Then I notice a hummingbird sitting on the upper left side of the 'tomato cage'. That, for some reason friends gave me hope.

Remember me putting out a plea in our area for MILKWEED leaves? Since milkweed is a host plant to Monarchs caterpillars, they were eating me out of plants! Three awesome ladies were eager to share. This is Tropical milkweeds. Some do not like to plant for varies reasons. Plus its an annual.

I was gifted all these seedlings. Not sure what I will do with them over winter...that remains to be seen. Perhaps a hot-house for Christmas?  *smile* These seedlings and other leaves collected got me through.


Things are starting to happen! September 17th I had 6 hanging chrysalis. NOW on September 25th...see how dark?? Four of six chrysalis are turning transparent, giving it a dark effect. What you are seeing is the monarch!

See the wings!? I was beyond thrilled. This process takes about 24 hours for the chrysalis to change from green to this. At this stage, things happen pretty quickly.


Next time I will show you what happens!  *smile*



Margarets designer cards said...

How kind of them to bring you seedlings of milk weed, hope you can keep them growing through the winter.
Looking forward to seeing your butterflies hatch

Jane McLellan said...

so exciting.