Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hungry, hungry caterpillars~

 The Very Hungry Caterpillar children's book by Eric Carle takes on a whole new meaning. And to think, I owned and operated an 'in home' childcare and preschool for 10 years and never reared MONARCHS! SMH (shaking my head)     
   These little guys are getting so heavy that the floral tubes can no longer support their weight. PLUS they are eating so much that one or two leaves are just not enough. Well, not without feeling every couple of hours. I am getting up at 5:30 AM, my usual time and with a flashlight going outdoors to retrieve leaves!  In the above pic, I am now cutting stems off the tops of the milkweed plant at this point.

Also, I have run a way! Okay, perhaps 'escaping' is a better word. Here is my emergency pop up laundry basket. Boy did it come in handy. I came home to find my 'head count' was missing 2 out of 7! Even had DH hunting the near by area for them. Yes, they were found. Just looking for food. This one has a netting on top held by clothes pins to keep from escaping. Oh, did I mention yet they are in the dinning
   Yea!! My on-line order of 2 butterfly cages came in. In the nick of time too. In the pic above the new cage is at the bottom Notice it has a zipper.  The zipper can create danger for these little guys! One needs to peek inside to make sure a cat is NOT roaming around on the zipper and you accidently have become a murderer! OMG That would be horrible!

Another thing about cats, they don't see very well. They can mistake a smaller one for food. NOT GOOD. So that is why they are divided in cages according to size. The pic above is more for demonstration. They will return to different cages. If I remember correctly I have 13 cats at this point.  The caterpillar goes through 5 stages. Each stage sheds its skin and at this point they rest. Won't eat or move for a day or so. When they 'wake up' look out. Bring on the food! 

OH NO....they are now eating me out of plants! HELP...

...until next time. Bye now.


Margarets designer cards said...

I am totally amazed by your keeping and feeding caterpillars

Nancy G said...

Just wait! The best is yet to come. Today I may release #10. Providing the wind is not blowing. *smile*