Friday, October 14, 2016

6 Monarchs have flown away....6 remain in chrysalis-Early October 2016

 I find this so fascinating. In just 2 weeks this is how much the monarch caterpillars grows! No wonder one needs to supply LOTS of milkweed leaves to these cats.

This is a great pic (NOT MINE) of how the chrysalis emerges from the caterpillar. This process takes about 4 minutes! Amazing transformation. From here the butterfly should eclosed in 10-14 days.

Here is one way to tell the sex of the Monarch.
 Why do I have only 6 chrysalis and but yet 2 cages? Well its because one is in 'time out'! Yes, I did! The one in the cage on the right would NOT leave the other chrysalis alone. It would climb to the top and mess with the web button (which holds the chr on top of the cage) or just want to climb near it. As I said earlier the chr are in a vulnerable stage and could either be knocked down causing it to fall, or touch it enough to deform the butterfly. SO...That is why he is alone in the cage. Took it all day to settle down after roaming around and climb to the top, then finally went into J'ing.

 The second group are stating to eclosed. What a beautiful thing to watch the wings unfold and dry.

Another male...good bye little one. Bon voyage


Margarets designer cards said...

Amazing how fast they grow into a butterfly, I am enjoying your posts about the beginnings of these butterflies
I may never see one in real life but I now know a lot more about them

Nancy G said...

For those of you that are following me on my Monarch rearing adventure, thank you for leaving such heart warming comments. I have a bit more to share with you...*smile*

Jane McLellan said...

6 on their way already? Amazing, so special, thanks for sharing.