Saturday, September 24, 2016

Grow local and from your area. Spring 2016

    Container gardening, for now is what I am doing for my butterfly garden. I have at this time 6 milkweed plants. I read at least 6 is good to start with. Now remember I am in NW Arkansas and I did my homework to see what milkweed was 'local' to my area.  Also I have read where one can grow native and non-native to your area. I think I will try this next season. If you have plant sales in your area, please check them out.    
   Always inquire if the nursery you are getting your plants from are pesticide FREE!! So important. I am not an expert, but I can almost guess Wal-Mart or any plant retailer like that do use pesticide.
    Aphids can be an issue but because I checked my plants daily I was able to keep the insect at bay. I just used a tissue and removed them that way. OR a gentle washing with a hose will do the trick too. Invite ladybugs. They love to eat aphids! *smile*

Brown Eye Susan. It happens to like direct sun, so he's part to the collection.  

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