Sunday, October 25, 2015

                                Walk faster ladies, the vultures are circling us!

                              Kathy and I rode 10 miles this day. Fall is in the air~

My precious Penelope Lee was the 'flower girl' in her grandpa Saints wedding. First time to fly to New York and also visit Niagara Falls, Canada with mom and dad.

                        Mom helping Miss Pea tossing fall color peddles~  *smile*

    My solo 20 mile bike ride, such a lovely day and I don't want to miss a'thing!
                      Here newly trees were planted. Its such a lovely sight!

                         First time to see this...see what I miss when I am in a 'hurry'!

                       Just had to share. Bentonville is the 'home' of Wal-Mart.

This is part of  Slaughter Pen Mountain Bike trail. It is being referred to as 'epic'.
People from all over the United States come to ride, young and old alike.

It was a wonderful ride. In fact, any day out with 'Violet' is a great day.  *smile*


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Oh! said...

Great pics! I can't wait to visit! Sooner than later! Oh just wait til my LO can ride! #Bikingadventures