Saturday, September 26, 2015

This silly pup....

          I threw her ball and this is where it landed. She's whining because its 'stuck'.

I so enjoy the humming birds. They are eating more. Preparing for the long journey ahead.

 Last Sunday at Devil's Den State Park, the Yellow Rock Trail. It was raining, but we didn't get too wet.

       You can see the mist in the air here. Soon the leaves will be changing! *smile*

                                Then we went on to Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park.

This week end is all about 16th Annual Bikes, Blues & BBQ. Its a big Motorcycle Rally in Fayetteville Arkansas.
Our first year to attend some of the activities. During the day....when things are LESS rowdy! 


                                                      And more BIKES!!

                                     Yes, even able to find jackets...

                                    ...and pen's to start our collection.  *smile*

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tattrldy said...

It is beautiful country there, thanks for sharing the pictures. The rally looks like it had a lot of people - that's a lot of bikes! I can imagine it might get a little rowdy at night.