Monday, July 6, 2015

A day of fun last Wednesday....

 This is the second time for me to pick blackberries this year. So now I have 16 quarts in the freezer to last me the year. Here my friend found a bird next in the bush.

We bike ride on the side of this and have wondered about it. So we decided to 'find' it and wow were we happy we stopped by. St. Anthony's On the Creek. We learned its a wedding chapel and or event center.

The ground keeper happens to be family member and owner. You can tell he loves what he does and takes a lot of pride in the outdoor gardens. We are learning to stop and smell the rose when we can. Life is too short to say 'ah, next time'. The time to do things my friends, is now. *smile*



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Margarets designer cards said...

What a beautiful chapel and lovely gardens, thank you for sharing your photos