Sunday, April 5, 2015

Always learning...

...and I hope I never stop. Here I am tatting the first yard of a 2 yard tatting project and I notice this! (where the safety pen is) In all the years I've tatted I've just 'un-tatted'. No biggie. But this?! Oh no...way to much work. So, I did what was a 'New To Me' thing and CUT the ring, tied off and completed the correct amount of, made a twisted join' and I did it! But not until I contacted my friend Elaine Gan! Bless her heart, she walked me through it. She confirmed what I needed to do and happy to say, its all good. Now to continue with the 2nd yard! *smile*

I am still enjoy my morning 5-6 mile walks each day. Here is Mr. Fox stopping to take a look us!

                                        Spring has sprung...Colors everywhere!

And with that being said, we have been working on our 'Mini Forest'. Lots of dead wood hauled off and leaves blown and mulched.

                                      This is my next day at a time.

Now I leave you with Miss Penelope. My 7th grandchild. Here she is on her first hike with her mom, her friend and kids. She enjoyed it so well, she slept all the way through it!
This was 'mom' walking the same trail on Christmas Day, 2014. Amazing!
                         Happy Easter Sunday to those of you that celebrate. 


StringyDogs said...

Thank heavens for being able to cut and splice. If it didn't exist, I don't think I could ever tat more than 10 min at a time.

I'm surprised at how much AR looks like TN.

Happy Grandchild and Happy Easter!

zarina said...

I love the look of the lace that makes me want to make one myself.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The lace is lovely, but nearly as lovely as that adorable grand baby!