Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring is in the air...

 ...and I needed to see if my kayak 'Rosie' would fit in the back of the SUV...and it did!
                                          Lovin' my new front plate!

Today is support to be a warm today, so I just might be able to get on the water. Last Tuesday was the local Kayaking Groups early paddle. I missed it due to the fact I was working on a quilt and just plain missed it. Official date is the first of April.

This week, I drove to Oklahoma to meet a friend halfway. Abby my Pacific Parrotlet returned home. She had been with a friend but found it time to return her to me. She is 8 years old and we are very happy to have her again!

Here is Zoe. Sleeping on the back of the couch. 'Keeper of the cage'. I think Abby likes her new spot. She sees the birds outdoors eating from the feeders and she eats too. Such a social girl!

I can't leave you until posting a very special pic. Here is Penelope's daddy bottle feeling her for the first time. Such love!

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