Thursday, February 5, 2015

Off to an 'Adventure'

We got all ready to go...all I was told was we were going towards the bay (San Francisco)  
 Such a lovely drive. I got to sit in the front seat so I could really enjoy the view...but really I think Ondrea just wanted to ride in the back with Penelope!

Being me, I really have no idea where we are when stop...Heck who pays attention to such details!?  Not me, that's for sure. *smile*

But we are parked in front of a pottery store or such...and while walking on the sidewalk I did get a pic of this very cool tree! The flowers were soooo sweet smelling. Almost too sweet.

Look at the mosaic tiles on the building...just beautiful. Sill walking then...

Then I see this....then I know where we are!
 The Lacis Museum! in Berkley Ca. With tears in my eyes I hug my daughter and let them both know what an awesome surprise! I was spoiled rotten on this visit!
And as you can see....I also 'shopped' and its never to early to learn to tat..
But I think we wore this little No, not really. This precious little one slept most of the time!


tattrldy said...

Nice trip, and what a nice surprise! The baby is sooo cute.

Nancy G said...

Thank you for your lovely comment!