Thursday, January 8, 2015

December 2014 has come and gone

This was December 4th. Weather was warmer then it had can see how the layers of clothing are starting to come off...*smile*

It's always a great day for a hike! This was at a new trail, Historical Van Winkle Trail.

December 11th....someone carved out a little seat for

Look what Santa got me!!! A bike AND a new SUV!! Getting 'Violet' all read to go on the new bike rack and of course Olli is all excite to join us too!

What a great time with these fun ladies. This was a 15 mile ride around the area with less hills but a great work out none the less.

Here we are the next day,,,

See the little yellow tag? This was what we had to 'follow' the path.
Always a piece of mind when I saw it....
                          This was an awesome view below me...beautiful weather.            Sunny and warm, for mid-December~

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