Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bags are packed...

Here is Miss Penelope Lee's choice of wardrobe. She is going to pick and decide which goes best with 'skin tone'. You know how us ladies can change our mind at any given time. Well, mom's preparing for that. LOL

Had a grand day at Crocker Art Museum in downtown Sacramento. A great day to also tour old town. Later that evening we stayed for a Christmas light show, telling a story about the town.

                                                  An awesome night.

Baby daddy Andrew had his birthday the day before. My daughter Ondrea went out and took to his a office a box of pastry's for him and the staff~ Lovely jester.  
Her birthday is the next day and has always loved ice cream cake. So look what we found....a zebra cake! Her favorite all the way around!

                       AND Andrew even cooked her birthday too!! What a guy!

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