Saturday, September 27, 2014

Catching up...

...its been a while since I have last posted. I do this for my sister in case she should happen to wonder what I'm up too! Well, this is me.
Doing what I love best. To take pictures while I'm out on the water with Rosie and posting to Facebook!! lol

Now this was a magical day! The water was still warm but it was on the cool side with mist. 
Yes, we are nuts but that is what made it so much fun! What a morning!

Here is another favorite pass time while sitting in my favorite spot in the the kitchen table taking in all the beauty and these guys...I shall miss them when they travel on. 

I have also stepped out of my comfort zone and here we are... 'walking buddy' and I getting ready for a bike ride around Bella Vista Lake. It turned out to be an 11 mile ride over to the next town. Even had a wonderful lunch at Crape Pautette's and across the street went to, 21c
 A really nice hotel and museum with awesome art. Then turned around and headed back and thank goodness it was mostly downhill! Gotta love the Ozark Mountains. 

Yes, I have been tatting and stitch at a time! *smile*

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