Saturday, May 10, 2014

My new outdoor planting area!!

I just love the umbrella! Dh pretty much thought of everything! A new water spigot on this side of the house, a cute (removable) galvanized tub complete with drain hole. Today a small clear hose will be added, then all I have to do is place a bucket underneath to catch the water flow. He attached a really nice hand-hand nozzle with all the bells and whistles. (spray, mist, etc). Now the truth be told, this is pretty much for him as well as me. His work shed is behing this so when his hands are all nasty and stuff from working...he doesn't have to come in the house!! I have to rembember to put paper towels in the storage area!! Yep, I'm all bring on the Iris'! You have to know how hard it is to dig in this area...Something about being in the 'Ozark Mountains'!  *smile*


The other day we had a wonderful rain. With all the 'oak dust' pollen from the trees it was so nice to have the rain to help wash most away.  I just love the view of what I call the Mini Forrest. We are slowly clearing out the dead wood...

Looks like we're pretty much set for the summer with the new ceiling fan! Now to sit, tat and enjoy life at its best. Family, friends, birds and wild life are all welcomed! *SMILE*

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