Sunday, December 29, 2013

Snowflakes with beads...

Having fun the past few days with a pattern from Corina. I just love working with beads. Taking a break from packing... DH has decided its time to retire. So for the past weeks he's been on 'vacation' and tomorrow its official! He is soooo ready! *smile*

Me...well I let you know. LOL So, with Christmas come and gone I have tatting to keep me sane. With retiring, we are re-locating. Looking at the Ozark Mountain area.

Here is what I have done so for, working on another with red and green beads.

The blue one was my first, a little 'wonkie' and the pinkish beads was my second. Now the other one has 2 color beads, but I should have used a different color that was more pronounced. So, now back to working on the next one. Needed a little break to say hello and hope everyone's Christmas was Merry. It can be hard for some. I too know that feeling. Lost my father Dec 23 years back, kids away in different parts of the of the United States. But my spirits are high, it's all good!


Unknown said...

Beautiful snowflakes. The blue beaded one is my favorite.

petozi Design said...

Wonderful snowflakes!!

God's Kid said...

Those are wonderful!!! :)