Tuesday, October 8, 2013

TIAS (Tat it and See) - Day 7

Since I have my 2 new Sunlit shuttles, I decided to do another TIAS in a matching color. The first one is Lizbeth's Seagreen Lt and the other one is 'Paintbrush'.

I am enjoying the new shuttles. They are light in weigh and seem to be a bit narrow then the Clovers. I say them compare. But they may hold a bit more thread. To begin the TIAS it was said to fill 2 shuttles. I measure (give a take) 10 yards on each. With the Sunlit I still had a bit more space.

It's not too late to jump in one the fun. Just go to: ladyshuttlemaker's blog and you can find all the past days here. 


lfk911 said...

Pretty. I stumbled upon this blog from the regular blogger navigation and you're one of few blogs that are up to date! Anyway, keep up the creativity.

Fox said...

Still enjoying the Sunlits? As much as the Clovers? I am curious, but a bobbin tatter, but tempted... I think I am drawn to the colours. How sharp are the pics? Do I or don't I??? A tatter's dilemma!
Fox : ))