Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A week, 2 Yorkie's and an RV....

Dh and I did not have a vacation last year, due to his work. Plus we thought for a while we may be relocating to Tennessee. So last week we took a much needed mini vaca! His mother was celebrating her 80th birthday, so off to Wichita, Kansas for a couple of days. That is when I gave my sister-in-law her grandmother's small quilt. On our way to Branson, Missouri we had wind. Typical for Kansas.
Long story short, the 14 foot awing was torn off by the wind. Hitting 3 cars behind us and thank goodness only damage to one!! Poor ladies! I know they their hearts were in their throats seeing this big white thing coming there way!!! But all is well. The sheriff that was following us (red lights and sirens for miles before he was able to stopping us) was awesome. Now...on to our journey. 
Branson, Missouri.

I had always stayed in North Branson. I like the peace and quiet of the area and near Silver Dollar City! Not to mention my favorite, BillyGail's Cafe.

But Dh likes the 'strip'. It was different. Because it was right before school break for the summer and right before the 3 day week-end it was fantastic!! Traffic was light. A true blessing...lol 
The RV park was awesome. Tucked away in trees. The pups and I got a great work-out. Up and down the hillside for their walks.

Oh how they loved bird watching! We did see a Bluebird! Made my week. We saw shows: Six (please stop and listen to song) and also visited  Titanic museum where DH bought me my 19th Monopoly! Finally, after all these years I got to go to the Dixie Stampeded. Pre-show was great, so was the dinner and show. Great times! Thanks DH! It did rain one day. But it was perfect. A day to rest, relax and just enjoy 'being'. The sound on the roof top was perfect. But, all good things must come to and end...time to 'hitch up' and go home. The girls are great travelers. 

Here they are, on my lap. Keeping me calm!
Here was my view, from the rear view mirror! 
It's so good to be home! 


Margarets designer cards said...

Thank you for an interesting post, interesting because I have never been to the USA so I love reading your great write ups you ladies do, on places I doubt I shall ever see.
Your break sounded lovely. Pity about the awning.

tattrldy said...

Too bad about the awning, I'm sure you could have used it on the rest of the trip. Glad you had a good trip otherwise.