Friday, December 14, 2012

Oli, silly little elf...

Tatted Thongs. Now this is NOT your 'granny's tatting'! But Oli is a bit shy...but I see he's peeking!!
In case you're wondering, NO...not for me! LOL.

On the first cold day...Oli found my portable steam sauna...He's one smart elf!! lol

                                                   OH NO!!! He's been spotted by Zoe'!!


Margarets designer cards said...

He's a real handful, no wonder he was shy of your thongs, perhaps he's wondering if you wear them?
Nice piece of tatting but I won't be making any I am too old for them and a bit too big for them

tattrldy said...

I bet my daughters would wear that thong, but I know I wouldn't. Using tatting to decorate "undergarments" of many descriptions isn't new, but making them like this is pretty recent, I'll bet.
Looks like your Christmas season will be kept interesting with Oli around.