Monday, November 26, 2012

The tatted pieces arrived in Australia...

I am doing a wonderful craft exchange and here is what I sent my new friend. She mention she liked 'Queen of Hearts' by Mary Konior was a given.

It all started when Mrs. Gina saw a tea set I sent to England. She made a comment about a tatted teapot and cup I had made for a fellow blogger, Jane.
So, I made this for her also. If I am correct, the teapot is by Pam Palmer, and the cup and saucer is by Judith Connors. Sent a few hand made hooks too, so she can hang them if she wishes. Now I am waiting for my package...can't wait to see what I get! *SMILE*
You can read about this on Patra's Place of Stitching: Gina E.


Margarets designer cards said...

I love your cup and saucer and teapot, that's brilliant, is this your own pattern or from a book. I hope you get a wonderful surprise back.

Nancy G said...

Thank you Margaret! If I am correct, the cup and saucer is by Judith Connors and the teapot is by Pam Palmer. All was tatted in size 20 thread.

God's Kid said...

Oh such fabulous blues!!! Love the tatted designs!! :)