Saturday, September 15, 2012

If my Tuesday Tatting group has to hear this...

.....I will share with you too! I wanted to make a small doily, something to put in my newly remodeled bathroom. I was visiting with my friend Elaine and she made Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel 'glass mat's' just a tad smaller by using less rings. Perfect! 

Loaded my shuttle, sat with 'Visual Patterns' on my lap and away I went. Except....because I was also watching TV (gotta blame it something) I noticed after the second row that is a lot more rings then I remember. Wow, what happened to adding less!!!

Finally I realized what happened!!! I'm also sitting under a ceiling fan and the fan blew my page!! Well, what's a person to do. Don't want to waste what is now  my favorite I go on....Mercy Me! This will take about 7 shuttle's worth of thread. 

Not even sure I'll have enough! LOL Oh, well, I guess this is going to be the outer ring of one of the potted plants that are soon to be brought in from outdoors...thanks goodness for Fall!

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Margarets designer cards said...

Oh dear, but it looks good, how about using it as a collar on a dress.